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Special Activities

We would like to inform that your society SFDHA have distributed 650 dry ration kits to poor and hungry persons during Carona lock down. Your Society have also helped in distributing about 800 packed lunch per day for 45 days among poor and needy persons, given by various organizations. Society has spent Rs.8,47,585/- towards cost of ration.
Relief For Kerala Flood Victim
As we all are aware of the fact that the flood fury has created a havoc in the beautiful God' own country - Kerala. The whole country has shown its generosity towards the victims of the state by contributing in innumerable ways.

The Society of Disowned Human and Animals (SFDHA) has also rendered its help to the people of Kerala through a Chandigarh based organisation "Guru Ka Langar" and has contributed Rs. 2,90,000/- by supplying 100 life saving kits.

Details of one kit below:
Cloth material: 1 bed sheet, 1 Towel and
2 clothes
Utensil: Glass, Plate, Spoon,
Food: Sugar, Rice, Tea, Dal, Match box,
Candle, Refine oil
Total cost Rs.2900/- per kit
We have spent Rs.180000 towards the cost of 26 injections GLOBUCEL 5gm 100ml to one very poor patient bimla devi admitted in PGI bed no. 10, ward no. 22 (Emergency Ward). It was during the monthly meeting of the Society on 24-6-2016 in DC Model School that a SOS call was received from PGI Chandigarh about the above referred patient that she needs 26 injections GLOBUCEL 5gm 100ml costing Rs. 180000. Five injections to be given daily and on 5th day six injection were to be given. Society members who were present in the meeting, firstly thought that SFDHA can not afford such huge medical expenses on a single patient, but later on treating it as a GOD SENT MESSAGE decided that every present member must contribute one injection each. Telephone calls were made to other members and were able to collect 26 injections with in a span of 3 hrs. Some generous members even contributed more than one injection. SFDHA is highly thankful to the members who have contributed there hard earn money toward this nobel cause.
We have arranged to repair six Dialysis machine at Guru Granth Sahib Society sector 35 Chandigarh and have spent Rs 3 lac on this activity. With the availability of these six dialysis machines, about 20 patient per day will get Dialysis on very Subsidize rates.

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